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PayTraq Connect

The PayTraq Connect is a webhook call that can be used by any self-hosted e-commerce platform extensions to push all orders straight to PayTraq Sales Inbox for further processing.

The general use case is to use a webhook to trigger a POST request every time a new order is created.
This web service can be used only as a simple, straightforward solution to integrate an e-commerce platform with PayTraq. If you need something more complicated please look at our REST API.



To get an actual Request URI, a user should activate the PayTraq Connect channel in Sales Inbox
This request should be made in XML format with "Content-Type: text/xml" header.
Every successful request should always return HTTP 200 OK code.

      <Comment />
         <Description />

Tag Description
<DocumentDate> Order date.
Should be passed in the following format YYYY-MM-DD e.g. 2014-01-30
<DocumentRef> Order number
<ClientName> Client name
<BillingAddress> Client billing address
<IsCompany> Boolean value (false | true)
<Total> Total order amount.
If <IncludeTax> is true <Total> includes <Taxes>.
If <IncludeTax> is false <Total> excludes <Taxes>.
<Taxes> Total tax amount
<Currency> 3-letter currency code
<IncludeTax> Boolean value (false | true)
Shows that amounts are tax inclusive
<ShippingAddress> Client shipping address
<ItemCode> Product SKU
<ItemName> Product name
<LineDiscount> Line discount in %
<TypeID> Possible values:
  • charge - Charge
  • discount - Discount
<PctOrAmount> Possible values:
  • pct - Percent
  • amount - Amount