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Cloud-based integrated business solution to run and grow your business. ERP level functionality with an easy-to-use interface saves time, and makes it easier to get started.

Full-featured sales and purchase management tools with integrated online accounting and inventory management plus multi-currency support.

Online inventory management software with purchasing and supply-chain tools to track and manage all your stock levels across different warehouses.

Complete double-entry online accounting software solution. You’ll get everything you need to run your accounts, without the hassle of complicated ERP packages.

  • Create & Send Quotes & Invoices Create professionally looking and customizable Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices and Credit Notes. Send your invoices directly to your clients in just a click, as many of them as you want, to as many customers as you want.
  • Online Payments. Get Paid Faster Get paid faster by starting to receive invoice payments online. Credit cards and PayPal are supported. PayTraq will create automatically all journal entries by eliminating needs to manually add payments in the system.
  • Multi-currency Working internationally? PayTraq lets you bill in any currency. Complete multi-currency support. Auto upload of ECB currency rates on a daily basis. Realized and unrealized foreign exchange gains and losses.
  • Recurring Invoices Useful feature if your business needs to send invoices on a regular or a repeat basis. Automated invoicing will help you get paid easier and faster.
  • Credit Control Aged Debtors and Creditors. You will instantly see how much you’re owed and how much of it is overdue. PayTraq can send due payment notices automatically to people who are late paying you.
  • Client Statements Client statement provides a snapshot of account activity to quickly show any outstanding invoices along with any recent payments and credit notes. Statements can be sent to your clients to remind them of any outstanding account balance or just to show invoice and payment history for the period.
  • Purchase Orders Create purchase orders, send them directly to suppliers and then copy to a bill or shipment. Purchase order is typically the first step of the purchase to pay process.
  • Entering Bills Track all of your purchases and business expenses with PayTraq quickly and easily. Simply enter the required details and create a bill from your suppliers in a matter of seconds.
  • Purchase Inbox Purchase Inbox aims to be a unified place for you to get all your incoming bills and receipts. All the documents can be delivered directly to your Inbox by using email or synchronization with your Dropbox account.
  • Employee Expenses Create expense claims to manage all your personal expenses and reimburse employees for payments made on behalf of the business. Employee statement gives you a snapshot of account activity and shows an overall account balance.
  • Bank Statements See all your bank balances at a glance. All your bank transactions can be easily uploaded and reconciled. Smart matching helps to do it quickly and efficiently.
  • Keep Track of Stock A full-featured powerful inventory management system. You will gain full transparency and control over all your stock, purchases, and orders. PayTraq simplifies all warehouse activities and automates all processes.
  • Management Reports PayTraq offers a wide range of different management reports. You’ll know how your business is performing day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month.
  • Financial Statements Get instant insight into the health of your business with real financial statements. Balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow, trial balance and more.
  • Hands-free Accounting All business transactions are automatically recorded in accounting and do not require additional entries. Manual journal entries can be easily used to enter non-standard operations.
  • Recurring Journals Useful feature if you need to repeat accounting transaction on a regular basis.
  • Cloud-based File Storage Attach as many files to your financial data as you want. Upload files as attachments almost to any transaction and get the full picture of your business data. With file storage option everything you need is always at your fingertips.
  • PayTraq Mobile PayTraq Mobile is available for free and allows you to get a clear picture of your business while you’re on the move. Download our free app on the Apple App Store or Google Play