Privacy Policy


PayTraq is a Cloud-based Business Management Suite for the small to medium businesses.

"Personal Information" – limited information (individual's name and email address) provided by individual that has created a user account at PayTraq (hereinafter “User”) which is necessary for identifying purposes.

PayTraq Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand how we collect and use the personal information you provide to the internet service PayTraq (hereinafter “Service”).

"Service" hereinafter means the access to the offered for the lease software within the following internet addresses:

The "Service" provider and vendor is PayTraq SIA (hereinafter "Provider").

Use and Disclosure

Provider will use your Personal Information as described in this Policy. The Provider will not disclose, share or sell to a third party the User's information obtained through the use of the Service. All the rights to the information entered by the User belong to the User of the Service. The Provider provides the information input and storage and also the processing of the information in order to ensure the indispensable functionality and working capacity of the system. The Provider will not check the legitimacy and correctness of the data entered by the User, excluding the information about the subscriber (payer) of the Service.

The Provider will not use the User's information for his own commercial purposes, or any other purposes for his or a third-party benefit without the User's advance permission. Informative reference to the Service as a service provider in the Service generated emails could not be considered as the use of User’s data in the meaning of this paragraph.


Under no circumstances the Provider will ask for the User's login and password to enter the system. The passwords are stored in encrypted form and are not known to the Provider. The User is entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his password and login as well as for the periodic password change and the complexity of the password. The lost password can be exchanged by the new one after the required authorization procedure.

The Provider takes responsibility for providing access to the system only using the encrypted connection (SSL) and valid certificate, issued by the legitimate certification authority.


The Service can use cookies for temporary information storage and for the storage of the User’s permanent preferences such as the interface language. The cookies are not used for the storage of the User's confidential information.

Data Storage

The servers of the Service are located in the EU modern data center, complying with all necessary security standards, including but not limited to 24 hour a day video surveillance, physical control and provided with the reserve electric supply.


Provider takes a consent-based approach to the collection, store, use and disclosure of Personal Information.

Changing Personal Information

Since you created a user account, then you have the right to access and change your personal information and privacy preferences at any time by logging into your user account, where you can view and make changes to your personal information. You may also access and change your personal information and privacy preferences by contacting us at

Closing of your PayTraq account

If you wish to deactivate your user account, you can do so by contacting Provider at When you deactivate your user account, all Personal Information stored and maintained as part of your account will be deleted from the system's database. The archived backup of your Personal Information will be eliminated over the course of the ensuing regular backup cycle of PayTraq but not longer than 30 days.

Email and communications consent

Provider may use user e-mail address to send a confirmation e-mail and, if necessary, may use it also to contact user for help in authentication, or password recovery process.

Provider may use your Personal Information to support you, this may include assisting with the resolution of technical support issues or other issues relating to the Service, whether by email or otherwise.

Provider may use your Personal Information to protect you, timely inform you about possible security issues or data breach.

Without your consent, Provider will not send any commercial or marketing information to you. At any time, you can opt-out of commercial email communications from Provider by clicking on the unsubscribe link in such emails.

Certain non-commercial communications may still be sent to you that are required to provide you with our Services. For example, system notifications, major product changes, changes to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, or other news that we believe will substantially affect how you interact with PayTraq. The only way to completely stop all emails from PayTraq is to close your account as outlined above.


Provider will retain your Personal Information for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Policy, unless a longer retention period is required by law or regulation. That means Provider will retain your Personal Information while you have an active user account, and afterward if it need to do so to meet its legal obligations. If you choose to close your PayTraq account, we will eliminate your Personal Information within 30 days unless we are otherwise obliged to keep it longer.


Provider relies on you to provide it with information that is accurate and complete. We rely on you to keep your information up to date. You can request updates or corrections of any inaccuracies in your Personal Information at any time by contacting us at We will respond to your request within a reasonable timeframe.

Contact us about Personal Information protection

PayTraq has named a Privacy Officer who is responsible for all things privacy and data protection. If you have any questions about our privacy practices or this policy, you can contact our Privacy Officer at

Business Data

Within the meaning of the GDPR, PayTraq is a data processor. PayTraq provides a software solution that can be used by company (business account owner) for storing and processing their customers information, but PayTraq itself does not acquire or process it on its own. According to GDPR this company (business account owner) is a data controller.

The data controller (a company using PayTraq software) is responsible for being compliant with GDPR rules in relation to information about its customers, suppliers, partners and employees.

All PayTraq business users, as data controllers, are responsible for the data processing and for the data they store and manage in PayTraq software.

Under the GDPR the controller is held liable for data protection compliance, not the processor.

Paytraq Business Accounts Data and GDPR Complaince

Policy Changes

The Provider has the rights to amend this policy at any time (with notice to User) by posting a revised version on the website:

The revised version will be effective at the time it is posted.

If you have any questions or queries please contact us by email: